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South Africa gateway

South Africa is a unique country. It has the most progressive Constitution in the world, with a Bill of Rights that not only guarantees its people basic human rights – to food, water, housing, social security – but also the rights to life, to gender identity, and to freedom of speech.
We’re not a rich country. We’re a deeply unequal country. But we don’t have the death penalty. We enacted marriage equality over a decade ago. Social grants are there for the old, the unemployed, the disabled, and children.
We have 11 different languages. We have a history that goes back to the beginnings of humanity. We are a society that has come through some of the worst abuses of colonialism and ignorant Western notions of race, and we’re fine.

How big is South Africa?

South Africa is twice the size of France and five times as big as the UK. With an area of 1.2-million square kilometres, it dwarfs the nations of Europe – except Russia – but doesn’t stand up to the giants of Asia and the Americas.